A Rant About On-Disc DLC
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Well, Street Fighter X Tekken’s twelve DLC characters have finally dropped. It’s time once again for the haters to rush to their keyboards and cry out in rage against the evil corporation known as Capcom. With the way people act, you would think we were dealing with bio weapons or robot masters or something.

“But Jew, the point is that all the effort it took to make them is contained within the product that you bought. It takes more effort on Capcom’s part to keep them locked than to let us play them from the offset! The whole point is that you’re not buying the game they’ve made, just the bits that they’re allowing you to play and not telling you that you’re missing content! You can’t play against characters without understanding them, so to compete you HAVE to pay for them! As consumers, we can’t allow companies to accept that model is OK and will work!”

I call bullshit. If I had a nickel for every time I fought a Dampierre in Soul Calibur 5 or one of those DLC Mortal Kombat characters online and survived, I could finally buy myself a fleshlight. Learn your damn characters, stick to your fucking fundamentals, and play the damn game. If you’re THAT serious enough to worry about competitive edge, then you should be serious enough to pay a couple of bucks to fill the roster.

When Napster was on the rise, bands flipped out because they weren’t getting ALL OF THE MUNNIE for their albums. They were forced to learn to work with the system and make the bulk of their money off of ticket sales and merchandise, but they survived. The biggest enemy of online music, Metallica, now offers live shows online for ten bucks. Nine Inch Nails actually promoted one of their albums by purposely leaking it early, leaving USB thumb drives in select locations with songs on them. When copying movies was all the rage, studios began including bonus content on their DVDs to entice buyers. Games are no different. GameStop (the enemy) can sell a used copy of a game and make one hundred percent profit. To sell that same game factory sealed, so that the developer makes some money, is counter intuitive to their business model. A used game store cannot sell downloadable content used, however. Wouldn’t you say that matches my description of working with the system?

The fact of the matter is that If this was the SNES days, these characters probably would’ve been saved for a later version, as this is what Capcom has always been doing. I would bet that the folks at Capcom just laugh at your salty tears at this point. No matter how much they put in the game, there would have been DLC, and there would have been something on the disc (like most DLC these days) regardless, and you all would have cried like bitches about it anyway.

That said, I think this is just going to boil down to what I’ve been trying to get across this entire time: if you keep bitching, Capcom will just keep the DLC off the disc and repackage the content as a $40 game so everyone who complained can have the illusion that, by their own logic, they’re getting their money’s worth. Nothing actually changes. DLC content is funded, developed, and intended to be just that, DLC. What people want to pay for it and for what fictitious reason is entirely up to the individual.

People have been led to believe that their logic somehow makes the situation different when it really doesn’t. Look at Mortal Kombat, the go to for morons in the fighting game community. I had no interest in Skarlet or Rain, yet I constantly got bombarded with compatibility pack nonsense just to be allowed to play with friends online who purchased those characters… And half the time the game STILL wouldn’t work!

Also, shout outs to making me pay an extra ten bucks to play the game online just because I have more than one x-box in my household. I’ve never had to do that for any of “money hungry” Capcom’s games.

Whether you decide to purchase the DLC or not, you will still need the character data, So shut the fuck up about all this on disc nonsense already. There are thirty-eight perfectly functional characters on the 360 version of the game. That’s more than three times what Street Fighter II had.

Finally something for the Elena fanboys to jerk off to.

Any intelligent, rational person would understand that having the data on disc saves everyone HD space and gives us less crap to download when the downloadable content is available for purchase, but you guys are dumb. I have an old X-Box “arcade bundle” with a 16 gig USB thumb drive plugged into the back of it for my saves. Why should I have to take up precious space so that you can have a sense of self satisfaction?

No one forces you to buy any of these games. If you want to play then pay. I know people that only use like 4 characters in UMVC3. Why are they complaining? Nobody is force feeding you their product. Not yet at least. Besides, people should be more concerned with the fact that Street Fighter x Tekken sucks, anyway.