Elias Contreras

Elias Contreras
Eli has lived a luxurious life full of riches and wonders. He finances his endeavors by writing scripts for horrible movies and selling them to Hollywood. His most recent film, Taken 3, has gone through so many rewrites that it has distanced itself from his original vision of being a Sci-Fi thriller that takes place on a space station, and therefore he had his name removed from the project.

Escape From NY

Before leaving NY, Jew spent one final night of gaming with Eli, Jemiel, and Four Loko as a way to blow off some steam after two straight weeks of recording Resident Evil.

Reviewing Interstellar Isn’t Possible, But It’s Necessary.

Attempting to describe what transpired inside that IMAX theater would be akin to describing the face of God himself…

Take A Bite Out Of Crime – Prologue

It was a brisk autumn night in Newburgh, New York…