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Crispy Chicken Sandwich

I’m sitting at a McDonald’s, and as I stare into my crispy chicken sandwich I begin to wonder just where everything went wrong.

Jew’s Internet History Part 3: The Rise And Fall Of THI

Last time we learned of the creation of THI and I got all warm and fuzzy about a bunch of old friends who mostly hate me now. Now let’s watch as it all falls apart. Murphy’s Law is a cruel …

Jew’s Internet History Part 2: Freeservers and ChairShots

WELCOME BACK TO THIS STAGE IN HISTORY! Last time I spoke about my very beginnings in this internet business, and you learned about a bunch of shit that you don’t care about because it happened before Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 …

Adventures In Retail

Jew talks about that one time he was an asshole and tripped a kid.

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse At The Middletown Galleria Mall

This article is an official declaration that Jew plays too much Dead Rising and needs to stop.

Jew’s Internet History Part 1: Before TeH Internet

I haven’t slept in a good three days and I’ve had at least 12 pots of coffee in those past 72 hours. So I’m wired and itching to do something constructive. Failing to do that, I found myself reminiscing of …

Percocet: A Magical Adventure

Follow Jew on a journey through drug and pain induced madness. Watch out for Raptors, though.

The Forty Year On-Ramp

I have done acid twice in my life, the first time is far more interesting. To protect the parties involved, I will use fake names. These are their actual names because no one knows my real name is Edward, and it doesn’t fucking matter, for all you know my name could be David, and the names may or may not be fake. It’s the internet. Who gives a shit?


“Then you keep riding this shuttle, you’re on your 14th mission, and you’re starting to notice all it’s faults. This once majestic and amazing machine is starting to show it’s wear.”

Driveswap: A Saga of Ineptitude