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When Do Crossovers Go Too Far?

When one has an entire library of characters to choose from, it becomes fun to imagine what it would be like if these fictional people somehow found a way to meet. Would their personalities get along? Who would win in the confrontation? Would they set aside their differences to work together somehow for the greater good?

Happy Birthday, Street Fighter!

As of this writing (I can’t make any promises about when this will be published), Street Fighter has just celebrated it’s 25th birthday. I became increasingly choked up as I began to realize that at twenty seven years of age, I have literally grown up alongside the Street Fighter series.

(Not) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

“I boot the game up, wait an incredibly long time with a black screen as everything loads, go into the options menu to customize my button layout for Joystick, go to save my settings, and the game crashes. I haven’t even started playing yet, and things are already fucking up.”

X-Men: Second Coming Is The COTA Sequel That We Deserve


5 Real-World Tips to Help You Survive Doom

Unemployment is boring. A man can only watch so many episodes of The Jeffersons on YouTube before he needs to find some other way to kill time until he finds another job. One way to do that is to play video games and tie them into tried and true life lessons in a vain attempt at vindicating his conscience.

A Rant About On-Disc DLC

I have an old X-Box “arcade bundle” with a 16 gig USB thumb drive plugged into the back of it for my saves. Why should I have to take up precious space so that you can have a sense of self satisfaction?

Soul Calibur 2 is the Shit

“But Frank”, you find yourself asking out loud because you talk to your computer like it’s an actual person, “why go back and look at SC2? Isn’t that game like 40 years old now, or something?”. A hand then immediately reaches out and slaps you across the face, because ain’t nobody talk shit on SC2.

Do You Remember Super Double Dragon?

If your anything like me you’ll play through this game quite a few times. And if that gets boring, play with a friend, competitively or cooperatively. It’s a lot of fun to try to get more kills than each other, or to just clear out the screen and beat each other up. I suggest you go try it immediately, for your own good, if you know what I mean…

Chuck Greene: An Unhinged Man Thriving In An Insane World

It’s weird how crazy EVERYONE acts in this game, actually. Take Leon Bell for example. Imagine hearing “You just lost your wife in Vegas so you must suck at killing zombies! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” If I were Chuck I’d pick up my motorcycle and bash it over the dude’s skull.

WWE: Day Of Reckoning Is My Favorite Rasslin’ Game

Outdated jokes aside, WWE: Day of Reckoning is a damn fine game that deserves some more attention.