Video Games

Posts about Vidcon Robotechnology, as well as information about the Post Cyberpocalypse. Slam to the jam!

The Art of Trolling

If you’re one of those naive types who lacks even basic deprivation skills and are looking for a soup to nuts guide on inflicting dehumanizing insults, this guide isn’t for you.

Megaman Zero: A Crisis in Existentialism

None of what you are about to read will make any sense if you aren’t a Megaman nerd. It’s also very long. Very, very long. It’s not very organized, either. You have been warned.

Review – Soul Calibur V

We may not like Soul Calibur V, but it’s responsible for this website existing. This was the article that got the fire burning.

Saints Row: The Third: The Disappointment

“Saints Row: The Third is quite possibly one of the most disappointing sequels to an amazing game I’ve ever played.”

Warm Reception For Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet is a series who’s three games are WILDLY different than one another, leading to a lack of brand identity, but Trent still enjoys it because it has giant space aliens and grappling hooks. If you want to make an awesome vidcon, put grappling hooks in it.

Just Cause 2: An Exponentially Better Sequel

Frank enjoys Just Cause 2 expodentially more than it’s prequel. Who knew that giving the player a grappling hook AND a parachute could change so much?

THI Classix™ – Super Cosplay War Ultra

Wow… where to begin on this one? Just… wow. When I first stumbled upon this game, I really didn’t know what to think of it, and to be honest… I still have no idea.