Transfers of old VHS tapes. How else am I gonna watch Surf Ninjas?

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 3]

The war against the homeless comes to a stabtacular finale.

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 2]

Frank and Trent harass homeless people, and then Trent becomes a lifesaving doctor.

Megaman Mondays – Mega Man 3

Mega Man joins forces with the Food and Drug Administration to take down Dr. Wiley’s intergalactic drug smuggling operation.

RBX Plays Gotcha Force [PART 2]

Frank and Ian butcher the English language, but at least they’re saving the planet while they do it.

Quickplay – Dead Connection

THREE drunk men pretend to be FIVE color co-ordinated guys who are all banging ONE chick, and kill HUNDREDS of dudes, thus ruining Wrestlemania.

Jew’s Assassin Build [Borderlands 2]

Jew never expected to enjoy playing the Assassin.

Quickplay – Nidhogg

Frank, Jew, and Norman take another look at everyone’s favorite fencing simulator. Much booze was consumed, and many stabbings were had. Will the guys “Get Good” at playing with sharp objects?

DEATHBRAWL 01- Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game: Arcade Edition

The Road to DEATHBRAWL begins!

Megaman Mondays – Mega Man 2

After failing to start up a theme park, Dr. Wily is broke. Now he wants revenge on Megaman.

RBX Plays Saints Row 2 [Episode 1]

Frank and Trent need to take back their turf.