Transfers of old VHS tapes. How else am I gonna watch Surf Ninjas?

Megaman Mondays – Mega Man 1

Casshern the Astro Boy is out to get Revengeance on Albert Einstein for Hiroshima, and he doesn’t even need his Robot Hunting Dog.

RBX Plays Samurai Gunn

Frank, Jew, and Norman get all Samurai Jack up in this bitch and practice the sacred art of Zandatsu. Get good, motherfucker.

RBX Plays Gotcha Force [PART 1]

Frank and Ian revisit the precious memories of an often overlooked gem of a Gamecube game.

RBX Plays AM2R Demo 1.34

Spike and Jew go on a fantastical journey into one of the best Homebrew remakes of a Game Boy game about parasitic aliens to ever be invented.

Quickplay – Shaq-Fu

Jew tries to convince Frank that Shaq-Fu has complexity and depth that puts it on the level of Samurai Showdown and Garou, but Frank ain’t hearing NONE of that shit.

Quickplay – Lethal League

Frank and Ian play SpaceBaseBall in the GhettoFuture of the year 1990Fresh.

Quickplay – Jazz Punk

Frank takes Jew and Norman on a journey into the heart of a Comedy Adventure game/poorly made word processor. Thank you for infiltrating.

Quickplay – Company Of Heroes 2

Saddened over the loss of his father due to insanity caused by the War Against The Machines, Jew accompanies Norman on an ultra realistic look at World War Deuce.

Quickplay – Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

Once upon a time Midway tried to duct tape rasslin’ to Mortal Kombat. It didn’t work, but we love it.

Let’s Slay The Punisher (NES)

In honor of RBX’s Punisher Week, Slayer had to play the 1990 Punisher game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. He wasn’t very happy about it.