Single episode showcases of the RBX crew fucking around with some noteworthy games.

RBX Plays LJN X-Men Games (NES)

Hey bub, Let’s play a couple of terrible games!

FUNFACT: The only way to access the final level of the NES X-Men game is to input a code gained by combining passwords given for beating the other five levels with information on the back of the game’s cartridge. What a stupid idea!

Quickplay – Gang Beasts

Jew acts like a big baby and complains about this game, yet refuses to listen to Frank or follow basic instructions.

Quickplay – Pokken Tournament’s Tutorial

The first thing our heroes did “GARRYYY!!!” upon booting up Pokken Tournament “GARRYYY!!!” was the lengthy tutorial. This is all extra “GARRYYY!!!” footage that was scrapped from the original “GARRYYY!!!” video, because it’s almost a half hour of tutorials. “GARRYYY!!!”

Quickplay – Pokken Tournament

Frank, Jew, and a defiant TJ slog their way through baby’s first fighting game. GARRYYYY!!!!

Quickplay – Kane & Lynch 1&2

Our deepest condolences go out to those who pre-ordered these games from Gamestop when they first came out.

Quickplay – X-Men Arcade

TJ, Norman, Frank and Jew didn’t get to play this MAGfest staple during their visit. Instead they all got the Con Flu. R.I.P. Norman.


The Warrior Spirit demands a sacrifice!

Quickplay – Contra

During the Megaman Mondays recording sessions, Spike decided to take a break and fuck up Contra

Quickplay – Super C

Conrad stops into the woodshed to share Jew’s amazement at Spike’s ability to run forward and shoot. Jew might get his legs broken, but at least there’s some crackers and a Mediterranean cheese ball in the fridge.

RBX Plays Resident Evil 3?

Frank and Trent troll the shit out of Jew in what is obviously a half-assed attempt to put something up for Halloween.