Jew’s Internet History Part 4: The Real AND The Fake E&N (Sorta)
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Last time we watched my hopes and dreams crumble, much like rust from the bottom of a beat ass Toyota. But the story doesn’t end there. Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are. It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life, but it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can GET HIT and keep moving forward. How much you can TAKE and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!

After taking some time off, I began to miss writing. Sock and I had been talking about starting a new website, and eventually we joined up with Marion, Justin, and Ed from I had been toying with an idea before this, and had some clean cut things that I wanted to accomplish, one being to have an extensive archive of all of the old articles from the defunct websites in our community, separate from our main site, and the second being to have an open community for contributors. These wishes were lost in the shuffle of multiple people from multiple websites working together, however, and would cause a problem in the end.

Before that, however, closed up shop and became Ed was everything that Smurf wished he could be, and made a beautiful website with WordPress that actually worked, as well as making a series of hilarious sketch comedy videos. had long since closed up shop as well, but Justin began writing new content for E&N, as well as bringing old content over. All of the articles were ported as well. Sock wrote some new rants, I wrote some new things, and Optimist premiered his much applauded “Professor Alex” videos.

In the beginning Nomad continued writing (albeit with his own section, to avoid the flooding issue), but quickly resigned after an argument over fonts and color schemes, of all things. Contributions were also a big part of E&N early on. In fact, it’s how I met and became friends with Josh Woodzell, when he began a series of articles chronicling all of the amazing and nostalgic things that came out of the 1990’s. had been closed for about two years now, following some legal nonsense that is none of my business. I was good friends with him at the time, and he gave me his blessing to port the and content over to E&N. I also received The go ahead from Cactus to bring the TMCS content over, and had already been working on the THI content. This caused a problem with Marion, however.

Marion and I clashed repeatedly over having the offensive material on the site. He felt that it was cheap and immature, and I agreed, but felt that it was important to remember where I came from. Eventually I gave up, and wanted nothing to do with the website, the community, or internet writing in general anymore. I wasn’t happy that the ideas that I wanted implemented from the beginning were causing a problem now that they weren’t, and I felt hurt by the comments of my longstanding peers. I wanted Marion to pull the plug on the E&N concept entirely, but instead my articles, as well as any contributor articles, articles by Cactus Chris, Jason Rivera, or any former THI articles were removed. The banner that I created was photoshopped to change the name, as well. Although the design is my idea, it received some tweaks from others, and the actual site was put together by Ed. Also, I don’t hold a copyright. This meant there was nothing I could do about the issue.

A good year went by, and I became antsy to write yet again. I wasn’t happy with how things ended, and had begun toying with the idea of bringing things back on my own terms. I began drawing up a new E&N design, using a mix of an unused THI redesign and another stolen template.

Nothing would come of this, however, as I found myself in another sticky situation in my personal life, where I was supporting my sister who refused to get a job and her two year old son, until she moved her boyfriend into my house, who refused to pay bills, and then moved out with him, leaving me with another thousand dollar debt.

A year after that, however, Josh Woodzell would E-Mail me with a bold proposition. After talking to him, the two of us have decided to go ahead and try E&N again. Having somebody tell me that it was still worth moving forward filled me with motivation and confidence. I wanted to make a bigger, badder, better E&N, on my own terms FOR REAL this time. Josh and I both believed that this new E&N would become something special, like THI was all those years ago.

That isn’t quite how it happened, though. I’m sure you could tell that by the fact that you are reading this article on instead of, though. Tune in next time to finally bridge the gap.