Meh. FarCry 3.
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I’m not going to bury the lead here. Right out of the gate I am going to say that I had fun with FarCry 3, but there were some nagging things that prevented me from fully enjoying it. As a result, whenever I see someone say “FarCry 3 is Game Of The Year” I instantly cringe. Why? Because like I said: while it is a good game, it’s not the greatest game of this year. You and your friends have been kidnapped, and after your older brother is killed, you take on the mantle of the “Hero” to save them all. Cookie-cutter story, no real plot twists. Just straightforward, generic “kill everyone to save your douchey friends”. No. Really. Your friends are a bunch of rich valley kids that excel at everything. This is definitely one of the weaker points for the game. Character development is also a wash. What was really enthralling for me, though, was the villains, which Ubisoft clicked with. They marketed it with Vaas on the cover, since he’s the only memorable and multi-dimensional character in the game.


The other thing is that the main character doesn’t really change, or if he does change it’s not really noticeable. SPOILER: Towards the end, suddenly he wants to stay on the island. This comes out of nowhere. He just says “I found my place here, I kind of want to stay”, pretty much. Which, like I said, comes out of left field. Was there back story I missed? Sure there were pills I would take that act as flashbacks to the events leading up to his capture and eventual release, but it does absolutely nothing to explain his change of heart. Maybe I was expecting something a bit more compelling, like the villagers saved his life or Citra did something other then grind on his dick for an hour while he was passed out.

Gameplay is another iffy spot for me. Playing the game itself is fun. You can be stealthy, or you could be John Fucking Rambo and shoot everything in sight. Either way, it was satisfying and fun. Unfortunately, this was hampered for me by a couple things as well. First, the crafting. I understand the concept that you weren’t with a holster when you got on the island or you just have a burlap sack to carry your shit in and you need to find resources to make new holsters, but when it becomes a primary role in the game, it gets annoying. I spent the first five hours of the game hunting down animals, only to find out I can’t use those animals yet and my bag was full with only two skins and a shit ton of leaves. All loot that I would find would go to waste due to a small inventory.


That’s another fault: obtaining carrying equipment. Why did I need to hunt? Why couldn’t they have developed a process where, you get so much money, go to the shops and buy a bag or a holster or even a fucking wallet, instead of having to locate animals which may not have even spawned to kill and skin? Did they accidentally come up with Cabela’s game and since they don’t hold the licensing for it, they made FarCry 3 instead?

There’s nothing to really say about the sound. The guns sound like guns, the voice acting was… okay? The main character sounded like he was always out of breathe and was unsure of his lines. But overall, it was just… okay. A downside was the lack of music for the most part. I can only recall one or two instances where the music worked. Most prominently was the mission where you burned the Ganja fields. It played some Reggae music, and it was good. But for the most part, I listened to my iTunes.


I can’t really think of anything else that really needs to be said. I haven’t purchased the DLC because I don’t really feel invested in playing the game that much. Controls are fine, but it’s really hard to deviate from the given FPS controls we use these days anyway. I may have been a little hard on FarCry’s gameplay and story, but in all honesty I can’t say much more than that the game is okay. It’s just… okay. There is no real story or anything to drive the plot, there is a lack of character development, there was too much of an emphasis on crafting, and the Hunting aspect was way over done. Because of these flaws, the game becomes a monotonous routine of capturing bases. It’s fun for a bit, don’t get me wrong, but hardly an acceptable nomination for any Game Of The Year awards. I’d say “runner up” or “Action game of high standard” at best. It’s just a game that manages to be… okay.

Overall Grade: 5/10. Take it or leave it.