Do You Remember Super Double Dragon?
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This is the oldest article on this website. It actually dates way back to being a review that I wrote for… get this… GameFAQs. I remember back before I was the huge Video game Pimp that I am today, way back before I even owned a Nintendo, I would go visit my now Lesbian Aunt when my Mother needed to take my Dad to court or whatever it was that she always did. The joy of going over there was playing video games with her Husband at the time. This happened to be the man responsible for my love of video games to begin with, and one of those games was Super Double Dragon.

Super Double Dragon isn’t like your typical beat em up. The gameplay is quite different than that of Final Fight or Streets of Rage, where wave after wave of idiots would walk into your constant string of punches. Strangely I find that the game plays like that of a martial arts movie fight scene. Enemies are very cunning and will block your attacks and surround you. You’ll have to use everything at your disposal to defeat them, which shouldn’t be much of a problem, because In SDD you have a huge variety of moves.

Everything from standard punches and kicks to wall jumps and Spin kicks are included in your repertoire. You have a charge meter, which you fill by holding the shoulder buttons, and when different portions of it are filled you gain access to different attacks, including the classic cyclone spin kick. When the meter is fully charged you enter an “Anger Mode” in which your character’s punches and kicks knock down enemies on contact. You can also block and grab limbs movie style and use weapons such as nunchaku and bo staffs (which your character holds in a very Bruce Lee way.) You see palette swaps of the same three enemies throughout most of the game though, and there isn’t even any Abobo at that! All of the enemies have complete move lists and their own personalities, but I still feel kinda cheated.

Since I first got my SNES I’ve always wanted to hook it up to a stereo and hear it with the volume cranked, and this game makes it worth doing. The music is good and matches the game’s style very well (hell, I still got the music from level 1 stuck in my head) and there are even a couple of remixed classic tunes in there. Punches are solid and weapon attacks actually sound like wood whacking flesh. The sprites are very detailed, although a bit small (but that’s how double dragon looks good anyways) and the backgrounds are very vivid from the Vegas lights in level one and the airplane taking off in level two, to the moving truck in level four. The Portraits of Billy and Jimmy look kinda funny though (Billy looks like he got his ass kicked and jimmy looks like guile) and Jimmy is bright pink. That Mexican green palette swap of your character that you fight occasionally annoys me too. The game does that blurry SNES fade out thingy that I love so much though (don’t ask.)

Concept and Originality is where the game suffers big time. There is no story line whatsoever (although the box claims that Billy’s girlfriend was kidnapped again or something, which is kinda funny because the story line of number two had her getting killed.) you just go level to level, always kicking ass, and never knowing why. It gets a couple of points due to the original level ideas though, and the cool enemy/boss concepts. Gotta love that sunglass and suit wearing martial arts expert guy. You can’t have a martial arts movie without one of those.

If your anything like me you’ll play through this game quite a few times. And if that gets boring, play with a friend, competitively or cooperatively. It’s a lot of fun to try to get more kills than each other, or to just clear out the screen and beat each other up. I suggest you go try it immediately, for your own good, if you know what I mean…