Ten years after Jew left his Mother's womb, and coincidentally on the Sixth anniversary of Marty the Clown's rampage through Newburgh, NY, the Third Child was born. He was expected to bring vast riches and notoriety to his family, but he chose a life of being "Down with the Clown" instead. He eventually came to his senses, and has since been on a journey to master the English language. Will he fulfill the prophecy, or be a massive disappointment to his mother?

Quickplay – Broforce

Jew, Frank, and Norman learn the power of teamwork by liberating foreign Nations to spread Patriotism!

Quickplay – Duck Game

Frank Jew and Norman fight to the death inside of a Sega Genesis.

Quickplay – Gang Beasts

Jew acts like a big baby and complains about this game, yet refuses to listen to Frank or follow basic instructions.

Quickplay – X-Men Arcade

TJ, Norman, Frank and Jew didn’t get to play this MAGfest staple during their visit. Instead they all got the Con Flu. R.I.P. Norman.

Quickplay – Eternal Champions

As a followup to Shaq-Fu, Frank and Jew played this trash heap. They sat on it for over a year because Frank didn’t like the audio quality, but if the Best Friends Zaibatsu can release an hour long video of SVC Chaos with terrible desynch issues, Jew feels that half an hour of people eating chips isn’t that bad.

Quickplay – Alien Vs. Predator Mugen

Jew and Norman play a surprisingly awesome M.U.G.E.N. adaption of the best Capcom Beat-Em-Up in the entire universe.

Quickplay – Nidhogg

Frank, Jew, and Norman take another look at everyone’s favorite fencing simulator. Much booze was consumed, and many stabbings were had. Will the guys “Get Good” at playing with sharp objects?

RBX Plays Samurai Gunn

Frank, Jew, and Norman get all Samurai Jack up in this bitch and practice the sacred art of Zandatsu. Get good, motherfucker.

A Beginner’s Guide to Juggalo Culture

Norman takes us into the mystical world of the Juggalo. Are you Down With the Clown?™ (We certainly hope not.)

Quickplay – Jazz Punk

Frank takes Jew and Norman on a journey into the heart of a Comedy Adventure game/poorly made word processor. Thank you for infiltrating.