During his freshmen year of college, Frank Dasta was kidnapped by Libyans and locked away in a cave somewhere in the Midwest. The terrorists demanded that he build them a soulless and impersonal pop culture website that talks down to it’s fanbase, harasses them with ads, charges them to use the forums, and even prompts them to like every page on Facebook. They planned to plunge the Internet into a state of total disarray and rampant idiocy in a bid to take over the world. With a box of scraps, Frank instead built and used it to escape. The founder of the site and current Future Science Jesus, Frank enjoys fighting games, long walks on the beach, and referring to himself in the third person.

Episode 23 – Low Framerate Frank and Out-of-Sync Trevor

This was supposed to be our first video podcast, but due to the video part having issues it’s instead just a regular ol’ audio one.

Episode 22 – Shigeru Miyamoto’s Box of Wonders

We’re totally a professional podcast, I swear.

Episode 21 – Stain’d Joke 2: The Jokening

IT’S BEENAWHALLLLLLL since we talked about video games. Let’s fix that.

Episode 20 – SeXbox Series SEX

We happened to run across the perfect name for Microsoft’s new console in the making of this podcast.

Episode 19 – GOTY(IPTDNCOTY)

It’s our Game of the (sort of) Year episode!

Episode 18 – The Cyberpunk Special

Is it really a special if you spend the entire time dunking on the game?

Episode 17 – Beefy Boy Podcast

Trev has finally gotten his PS5, and he lets us know what’s up with Sony’s new console.

Episode 16 – Do We Sell Sandwiches Here?

We want the ability for everyone to have a sandwich if they want to.

Bonus Ep – Wash Hogs Sturgeon

Trevor gives us the inside scoop on Watch Dogs: Legion.

Episode 15 – Zenimicrosoft

That’s a lotta games!