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Who Should Buy a Nintendo Switch?

Ian takes a look at why the Switch might not be an obvious day 1 purchase, even for Nintendo fans.

Knee Deep In The Dead with Doom (2016)

“HE GOING TO KILL US,” said the demons!
“I will shoot at him,” said the Cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles. John plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up.

Blind Bag Book Bonanza, Part 2

The funny thing about our trip to Ollie’s was that we bought more than one blind bag of comics, so naturally we had to do a followup to our previous endeavor. This one’s better.

Blind Bag Book Bonanza, Part 1

One rainy day we decided to pick up a couple of comic book blind bags. Let’s see what treasures are in store for us!

A Better Way To Handle Ghostbusters 2016

Frank gives his two cents on how the new Ghostbusters movie should’ve been done.

Fixing Star Fox Zero

Frank tries to fix what’s wrong with Nintendo’s latest entry in the long-suffering Star Fox series.

Reviewing Interstellar Isn’t Possible, But It’s Necessary.

Attempting to describe what transpired inside that IMAX theater would be akin to describing the face of God himself…

Take A Bite Out Of Crime – Prologue

It was a brisk autumn night in Newburgh, New York…

Jupiter Ascending: Twilight, But In Space

Monica takes a look at the Wachowski’s latest bomb.

The Big Bang Theory: I Don’t Have a Good Title for This

An awkward female’s opinion of the Big Bang Theory’s writing.