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Posts about Vidcon Robotechnology, as well as information about the Post Cyberpocalypse. Slam to the jam!

Who Should Buy a Nintendo Switch?

Ian takes a look at why the Switch might not be an obvious day 1 purchase, even for Nintendo fans.

Fixing Star Fox Zero

Frank tries to fix what’s wrong with Nintendo’s latest entry in the long-suffering Star Fox series.

Top 5 Moments In Gaming: Frank’s Picks

It’s the end of the year, and that means that for sites like us it’s list season. However, rather than count out our top ten whatevers of this year, we have decided to take a look at our favorite gaming moments of all time.

Triple-A Gaming is Dead to Me

I used to get hype for a lot of things. I would look forward to various games and movies, anxiously awaiting their release date. But as I grew older, I stopped doing this.

The Last of Us: Like A Perfect Steak, But Sadly You Can’t Eat It

The best part of Last of Us is the giant mech fight towards the end of the game.

The Gundam Breaker Beta Is Like Crack


Soul Calibur 2 is the Shit

“But Frank”, you find yourself asking out loud because you talk to your computer like it’s an actual person, “why go back and look at SC2? Isn’t that game like 40 years old now, or something?”. A hand then immediately reaches out and slaps you across the face, because ain’t nobody talk shit on SC2.

Saints Row: The Third: The Disappointment

“Saints Row: The Third is quite possibly one of the most disappointing sequels to an amazing game I’ve ever played.”

Warm Reception For Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet is a series who’s three games are WILDLY different than one another, leading to a lack of brand identity, but Trent still enjoys it because it has giant space aliens and grappling hooks. If you want to make an awesome vidcon, put grappling hooks in it.

Just Cause 2: An Exponentially Better Sequel

Frank enjoys Just Cause 2 expodentially more than it’s prequel. Who knew that giving the player a grappling hook AND a parachute could change so much?