Down on his luck and out of glory, former TeH Internet progenitor Peter “The Flyin’ Jew” Kowalsky fell into a state of despair and out of control drug abuse. He stopped caring about his passion for the Internet and spent his days outside of the local Quick Chek, hopped up on methamphetamine and watching bad anime on a battered HP laptop. One day his former rival, the mysterious Armor Jew, convinced him to don the yammika once again and get back to work. It is believed that Armor Jew was beaten to death shortly afterwards by a senile old man and a grizzly bear. Self proclaimed Retail Rockstar, former Internet Superstar. Shitty writer. Talentless Hack. Whatever you may call him, Jew is actually a robot made out of five smaller robots.

Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game: The Tournament at MAGFest 2018

For you, the day Bison graced your MAGFest was the most important day of your life. For him, it was Friday.

Boomcast At the Movies: Baby Driver

Ian, Frank, and Jew sit down to discuss their mostly mixed feelings on Baby Driver after watching it on opening night.

The Boomcast 3-10: Is Sonic OC Canon?

In this episode of The Boomcast Ian, Frank, and Jew sit down to talk about the important things such as monetization in video games, how video game reviews might be more about marketing than than a service to consumers, what constitutes “fair use,” and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Boomcast Post E3 2017 Special

Trevor and Taylor from JoystickMayhem join Ian and Frank to talk about what impressed them at E3 2017. Beards and babies are out, pirates are in! Be sure to check out Joystick Mayhem for all their excellent E3 coverage.

The Boomcast E3 2017 Special

Trevor and Taylor from Joystick Mayhem join the Boomcast crew as we talk about what we hope to see (Riiiidge Rrraaacer?) and the hottest new gaming trends (beards and babies) at E3 2017. Be sure to head over to to read the articles about Injustice 2, Star Wars Battlefront II, and many more referenced in this episode.

The Boomcast 3-09: Video Games and Mass Surveillance

This week Frank and Ian sit down to talk about video games; what they’re playing, what they want to play, and the complicated moral implications of mass surveillance.

The Boomcast 3-08: Beyblade Music Edition

In this episode we talk about old internet news, Frank and Pete complain about fighting games (again), and an intelligent discussion about the problems that arise when the goals of content creators don’t align with content hosting services almost takes place.

The Boomcast 3-07: You Can Too in The Sims

LordSathein joins us again for a double-length Boomcast, as we talk video game boning and getting boned by game companies.

The Boomcast 3-06: Text Buford Now

LordSathien joins us, as we talk about robots with guns and squeezable juice bags.

The Boomcast 3-05: The Squad

Trevor, long time friend of the site and creator of, joins us for this ep as we talk about hamburger hijacking and Japanese gaming.