Outskirt Noise Radio

For your wondering minds, transcendent smokers, and free thinkers there’s a place for you wandering lost generationalist. Walk past the walls and break the chains of conformity, as you listen to find the outskirt noise

7/21/16 – The Heatstroke, Post-Racial, Alcoholic Palooza

Police Brutality, Black Joy, Dance Dance Clark Griswald, This isn’t just your ordinary heat…this is advanced heat

5/3/16 – The Angry, Shiftless and Black Variety Hour (ft. Sterling)

Cheap German Beer, Individual Blackness, House Nigga DNA, Awkward encounters of self-loathing and adolescences and more on this special edition of Outskirt Noise radio.

4/27/16 – Spilling Bong Water On Your Carpet at 3am

Musings on fucked up subway instances, men who hire escorts, and as always awesome underground music.

4/19/16 – Big Al Says Dogs Can’t Look Up

Social media thoughts and dumpster donuts, featuring the musings of Fake Chivalry Man™.

4/12/16 – Death Is A Fucking Bruins Fan

The Debut of “Edge Lord Cody” podcast within a podcast.

Poppin’ Asprin like skittles ova ‘ere . R.I.P. Doug Banks.

4/4/16 – I Never Said Dude Ranch Wasn’t Good

Enjoy yet another hit of the smooth sardonic wit of Larry Love, as he brings us three more tracks from the weird world of the internet.

4/1/16 – Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Right Back In

After a two year hiatus of blogging, a bite sized slice of DIY media is back with a drowsy vengeance.

The Loose Squares Show Episode 24: Ivy is Forever

Friend of the site and awesome human being Larry Love has been at this podcasting shit for longer than anyone else here. Hell, he’s been at it for longer than anyone in history. Larry invented podcasting. Larry also invented the telephone. Larry was also nice enough to dig up some of his old stuff for us to post.