Things for your earballs.

The Boomcast 3-07: You Can Too in The Sims

LordSathein joins us again for a double-length Boomcast, as we talk video game boning and getting boned by game companies.

The Boomcast 3-06: Text Buford Now

LordSathien joins us, as we talk about robots with guns and squeezable juice bags.

The Boomcast 3-05: The Squad

Trevor, long time friend of the site and creator of JoystickMayhem.com, joins us for this ep as we talk about hamburger hijacking and Japanese gaming.

The Boomcast 3-04: All the Hams

We talk about weed-fueled race cars and idiocy-fueled comic book companies on this week’s episode of The Boomcast!

The Boomcast 3-03: Your Ad Here

We talk about incredibly annoying advertising practices and incredibly annoying wrestling practices in this week’s Boomcast.

The Boomcast 3-02: Not So Trump

We get political again, as we rake JonTron over the coals and then enjoy some fine chicken ham.

The Boomcast 3-01: +3 Batman VS -4 Superman

We debut a new format for season 3, and talk about NASA missions to Mars, Juggalo missions to DC, and Netherrealm’s mission to destroy fighting games as we know it.

The Boomcast 2-11: Ford Focus Attack Dash Cam-celling

Ian joins the crew as we talk about pizza fees and Bomberwaifus.

The Boomcast 2-10: Quality Craftsman Tools

Alternate titles for this podcast include “This Old News”.

The Boomcast 2-09: Waifu Wars 2099

The boys are back with giant hamburgers and internet-connected waifus.