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Bust out some 360 Nosebone Kickflips with the illest THUGS in the grind game.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 06]

Between dealing with the authorities of The Man, trying to please the Birdman, and combating the Lord of the Frauds, BobThug is going to have to go beyond the boundaries of the board. He has a chance to impress all five members of the press if he wants to go to Hawaii with Eric the Freeloader.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 05]

Times have been tough, but BobThug is strong. He continues his quest to be the dankest skater around and win the affections of the Birdman, but first he’s gonna pick up some chicks. Being a skeleton, he’s never actually been intimate with a member of the fairer sex. Women usually run in terror when they see him, but the credibility he’s been gaining by being a dope skater has people warming up to him. He just hopes The Man will stay off his back long enough to score.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 04]

Eric’s totally unexpected betrayal left Bobthug shaken. If his best friend wasn’t even there for him, who was? No. He would not succumb to mediocrity and end up working for Dracula like his Father. After getting Hawk-Sempai to notice him and securing himself a place in the Skateboard Kumite, Bob would expose Eric as a fraud.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 03]

The irony of being an amalgamation of various bones and mastering a technique called the “Boneless” wasn’t lost on Bobthug Goldthu, but he respected the ancient Ameriboo techniques that have been bestowed upon him, which were believed to one day be destined to bring balance and harmony to the Thug Force.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 02]

Skeletons live forever, so even though Bobthug is 42, people still treat him like a kid. It seemed like whenever Bobthug wasn’t putting up with the Dealers, he was being harassed by the forces of “The Man”, a mysterious figure of authority who controlled everyone who lived the Police Life.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 01]

Bobthug Goldthu didn’t want to move to the Thug Town of New Jersey. “I know this is hard for you, Bobby, but Flavortown is no place for a skeleton family”, his Father said, sipping his morning coffee and straightening his suit jacket. The Goldthu family weren’t the only skeletons around town, but they sure were the only ones who didn’t live in the dirt.

XTREEM SPORTZ: Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX 2

The boys find out what happens when things get too dank.