The Boomcast

Frank and Jew try to stay consistent and discuss current events. It never works out as planned.

The Boomcast 2-03: Lasagna Americans

Shitty startups and bad remakes abound, as everything old is crap again.

Boomcast Special – E3 2016

The boys look over the aftermath of E3.

The Boomcast 2-02: Over the Top 2099

Our heroes are back, as they talk about how everyone is out of ideas except for Skynet.

The Boomcast 2-01: Gentrifying a Concept

The Boomcast rolls into season 2, as Frank and Jeux talk about the rise of the machines, and the rise of creative bankruptcy in the movie industry.

Bonus Boomcast: Refried News

This is a podcast that was delayed in the recording stage, and then delayed again in the uploading stage. So, rather than make an outdated ep the first one of Season 2, consider this a bonus.

The Boomcast 1-10: Iori Yagami’s Dumpster of Fires

Frank and Jeux discuss the latest in Bill Nye’s Yandere Terminator Martians.

The Boomcast 1-09: Chicken Rings and Dick Switches

Our heroes talk about everything from audiophile bullshit to electromechanical nut-disabling devices.

The Boomcast 1-08: This Can’t Wait a Month

Our heroes are back, as they discuss unnecessary prequels, unnecessary spinoffs, and unnecessary remakes.

The Boomcast 1-07: The Quest for Legitimacy

Frank and Jeux discuss otaku legitimacy in the pantheon of geek culture. Unsurprisingly, they aren’t too kind about it.

The Boomcast 1-06: Ass Deep Into The Future

The boys blast from the past into the Cyberpunk Max Headroom Future.