Boomcast at the Movies on Video: Batman – The Killing Joke

Frank and Jeux are joined by Marissa as they take a look at the latest DC animated movie.

Quickplay – WDL: WarJetz

This is the worst game in the BattleTanx series thus far. Who could have guessed that removing tanks from your tank game would somehow make it worse?


Episode 29 – Hand Holding and Nut Punching

We’re back from hiatus, as we talk about old games, new games, what makes a good Zelda game, and how much we’re looking forward to Armored Core 6.

Episode 28 – Why Are We Talking About Saints Row?

Probably because the new one is trash. We go over Volition’s foibles and more, on this ep of TSB!


Who Should Buy a Nintendo Switch?

Ian takes a look at why the Switch might not be an obvious day 1 purchase, even for Nintendo fans.

Blind Bag Book Bonanza, Part 1

One rainy day we decided to pick up a couple of comic book blind bags. Let’s see what treasures are in store for us!