Quickplay – Broforce

Jew, Frank, and Norman learn the power of teamwork by liberating foreign Nations to spread Patriotism!

Quickplay – The Resident Evil 7 Demo

Frank and Jew explore the spookiness caused by trying to ride that P.T. hype long after the ship has sailed. Will it be satisfying, or will it just be another nail in the Resident Evil coffin?


The Boomcast 2-07: Competitive Segways

The end of the Wii U, Oreo-filled candy bars, and a new Daytona USA? Sign me up!

The Boomcast 2-06: Welcome to God’s America

Are you ready to take the fight to Klendathu? Join the mobile infantry and save the world! Service Guarantees Citizenship.


Knee Deep In The Dead with Doom (2016)

“HE GOING TO KILL US,” said the demons!
“I will shoot at him,” said the Cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles. John plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up.

Blind Bag Book Bonanza, Part 1

One rainy day we decided to pick up a couple of comic book blind bags. Let’s see what treasures are in store for us!