Frank's Old Mugen

Mugen Stupidity – Frank’s Old Mugen

Buried deep inside of an abandoned hard drive and long thought to be lost forever, an ancient relic has been unearthed…

Duck Game

RBX Plays Duck Game

Frank Jew and Norman fight to the death inside of a Sega Genesis.


project rewatch

Episode 2 – The Eye of Gibson is Watching You

The saga of “Prime Time” Brian Lee and “Dirty” Dutch Mantel continues in Episode 2 of Project Rewatch! Once we learn Crusty cannot count and label things correctly, join us for inherent racism from Bob Caudle! “Hustler” Rip Rogers gets propositioned by EdWood on Twitter — and the response will shock you!


Boomcast at the Movies: X-Men Apocalypse

Frank and Jew are joined by TJ as they rake the latest X-Men movie over the coals.



Let’s Fix It: Ghostbusters (2016)

Frank gives his two cents on how the new Ghostbusters movie should’ve been done.


Let’s Fix It: Star Fox Zero

Frank tries to fix what’s wrong with Nintendo’s latest entry in the long-suffering Star Fox series.