Things for your earballs.

Episode 30 – Armored Core Slim

We talk about cop robots, corp robots, and corpse robots on this ep of The Smooth Burrito.

Episode 29 – Hand Holding and Nut Punching

We’re back from hiatus, as we talk about old games, new games, what makes a good Zelda game, and how much we’re looking forward to Armored Core 6.

Episode 28 – Why Are We Talking About Saints Row?

Probably because the new one is trash. We go over Volition’s foibles and more, on this ep of TSB!

Episode 27 – Flamin’ Hot Cartridges

Don’t lick ’em!

Episode 26 – The Armored Core Awards

We talk The Game Awards, and then give our review of Metal Warriors on SNES in this week’s episode of The Smooth Burrito.

Episode 25 – The Last of Gunch

We’re talking the latest Pokemon, God of War Ragnarok, and reviewing The Last of Us here on TSB.

Episode 24 – The Boys are Back

We’re back after a long work-induced hiatus to bring you a slightly different style of Smooth Burrito.

Episode 23 – Low Framerate Frank and Out-of-Sync Trevor

This was supposed to be our first video podcast, but due to the video part having issues it’s instead just a regular ol’ audio one.

Episode 22 – Shigeru Miyamoto’s Box of Wonders

We’re totally a professional podcast, I swear.

Episode 21 – Stain’d Joke 2: The Jokening

IT’S BEENAWHALLLLLLL since we talked about video games. Let’s fix that.