Things for your earballs.

Episode 20 – SeXbox Series SEX

We happened to run across the perfect name for Microsoft’s new console in the making of this podcast.

Episode 19 – GOTY(IPTDNCOTY)

It’s our Game of the (sort of) Year episode!

Episode 18 – The Cyberpunk Special

Is it really a special if you spend the entire time dunking on the game?

Episode 17 – Beefy Boy Podcast

Trev has finally gotten his PS5, and he lets us know what’s up with Sony’s new console.

Episode 16 – Do We Sell Sandwiches Here?

We want the ability for everyone to have a sandwich if they want to.

Bonus Ep – Wash Hogs Sturgeon

Trevor gives us the inside scoop on Watch Dogs: Legion.

Episode 15 – Zenimicrosoft

That’s a lotta games!

Episode 14 – Zero Fear and Half the Loathing

It’s a Geek Squad reunion, as Frank and Trevor are joined by their old friend Josh to talk about Bionicle and other less relevant stuff.

Episode 13 – Marvel’s Verizon’s Intel’s Avengers

Be sure to listen to this episode on iTunes for exclusive costumes!

Episode 12 – Gigabeef

Be sure to open UDP ports 1 through 100000 to listen to this podcast.