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A Better Way To Handle Ghostbusters 2016

Frank gives his two cents on how the new Ghostbusters movie should’ve been done.

Reviewing Interstellar Isn’t Possible, But It’s Necessary.

Attempting to describe what transpired inside that IMAX theater would be akin to describing the face of God himself…

Jupiter Ascending: Twilight, But In Space

Monica takes a look at the Wachowski’s latest bomb.

Tammy Is A Better Movie Than Lucy. How The Hell Did That Happen?

Luc Besson, you betrayed me.

A Review Of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Jesus Christ This Is A Long Title For An Article

If you want to see monkeys killing people with machine guns, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the movie for you.

CANCER IS FUNNY – A Fault In Our Stars

Jew didn’t want to watch this movie. He just wanted to buy cigarettes by himself.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Was AWFUL

Transformers: Age of Extinction was AWFUL, but I’m not telling you anything that you probably didn’t already know.

X-Men Wolverine Origins Before The Beginning I Can’t Remember The Title

It’s definitely a movie that had Wolverine in it, so in that regards it was successful.

The Michael Bay Hydra

Yes. This is “the article about the two headed girl with the funny Ninja Turtles picture that we stole from Deviantart.”