Single episode showcases of the RBX crew fucking around with some noteworthy games.

Quickplay – Broforce

Jew, Frank, and Norman learn the power of teamwork by liberating foreign Nations to spread Patriotism!

Quickplay – The Resident Evil 7 Demo

Frank and Jew explore the spookiness caused by trying to ride that P.T. hype long after the ship has sailed. Will it be satisfying, or will it just be another nail in the Resident Evil coffin?

Quickplay – Frank’s Old Mugen

Buried deep inside of an abandoned hard drive and long thought to be lost forever, an ancient relic has been unearthed…

Quickplay – Duck Game

Frank Jew and Norman fight to the death inside of a Sega Genesis.

RBX Plays Handheld X-Men Games

Witness the wonders of the Sega Game Gear and Game Boy Color in full 720p glory!

RBX Plays SNES X-Men Games

FULL DISCLOSURE: Alcohol and chicken may have been consumed prior to the recording of this video.

Quickplay – WDL: WarJetz

This is the worst game in the BattleTanx series thus far. Who could have guessed that removing tanks from your tank game would somehow make it worse?

Quickplay – WDL: Thunder Tanks

Some genius at 3DO’s offices thought that combining tanks with professional wrestling would somehow make their subpar game better. They now work as a High School janitor.

Quickplay – BattleTanx Global Assault [Playstation]

Frank worried that this game might actually be better than he said it was. He was very wrong.

RBX Plays Genesis X-Men Games

X-Men is a pretty bad game but we played it because it was all we had as kids… Until it’s sequel came out, which was one of the best games on the console altogether. Dude, you can play as Magneto!