Transfers of old VHS tapes. How else am I gonna watch Surf Ninjas?

Boomcast at the Movies on Video: Batman – The Killing Joke

Frank and Jeux are joined by Marissa as they take a look at the latest DC animated movie.

Quickplay – WDL: WarJetz

This is the worst game in the BattleTanx series thus far. Who could have guessed that removing tanks from your tank game would somehow make it worse?

Quickplay – WDL: Thunder Tanks

Some genius at 3DO’s offices thought that combining tanks with professional wrestling would somehow make their subpar game better. They now work as a High School janitor.

Quickplay – BattleTanx Global Assault [Playstation]

Frank worried that this game might actually be better than he said it was. He was very wrong.

Quickplay – Pokken Tournament’s Tutorial

The first thing our heroes did “GARRYYY!!!” upon booting up Pokken Tournament “GARRYYY!!!” was the lengthy tutorial. This is all extra “GARRYYY!!!” footage that was scrapped from the original “GARRYYY!!!” video, because it’s almost a half hour of tutorials. “GARRYYY!!!”

Quickplay – Pokken Tournament

Frank, Jeux, and a defiant TJ slog their way through baby’s first fighting game. GARRYYYY!!!!

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 4]

The two hardest motherfuckers on the block crack some skulls and troll the haters with their sick burger jumps. They have to stop Titus from making Superman 64 Platinum Collection!

RBX Plays Resident Evil 3?

Frank and Trent troll the shit out of Jeux in what is obviously a half-assed attempt to put something up for Halloween.

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 3]

The war against the homeless comes to a stabtacular finale.

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 2]

Frank and Trent harass homeless people, and then Trent becomes a lifesaving doctor.