Transfers of old VHS tapes. How else am I gonna watch Surf Ninjas?

Quickplay – WDL: Thunder Tanks

Some genius at 3DO’s offices thought that combining tanks with professional wrestling would somehow make their subpar game better. They now work as a High School janitor.

Quickplay – BattleTanx Global Assault [Playstation]

Frank worried that this game might actually be better than he said it was. He was very wrong.

RBX Plays Genesis X-Men Games

X-Men is a pretty bad game but we played it because it was all we had as kids… Until it’s sequel came out, which was one of the best games on the console altogether. Dude, you can play as Magneto!

RBX Plays Maximum Carnage

Once upon a time Spiderman and oldest pal Venom teamed up to try and make friends with a bunch of toubled youths and a crazy man made out of living Twizzlers.

RBX Plays LJN X-Men Games (NES)

Hey bub, Let’s play a couple of terrible games!

FUNFACT: The only way to access the final level of the NES X-Men game is to input a code gained by combining passwords given for beating the other five levels with information on the back of the game’s cartridge. What a stupid idea!

Quickplay – Gang Beasts

Jew acts like a big baby and complains about this game, yet refuses to listen to Frank or follow basic instructions.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 06]

Between dealing with the authorities of The Man, trying to please the Birdman, and combating the Lord of the Frauds, BobThug is going to have to go beyond the boundaries of the board. He has a chance to impress all five members of the press if he wants to go to Hawaii with Eric the Freeloader.

EXTREEM SPORTZ: Tony Hawk’s Underground [EPISODE 05]

Times have been tough, but BobThug is strong. He continues his quest to be the dankest skater around and win the affections of the Birdman, but first he’s gonna pick up some chicks. Being a skeleton, he’s never actually been intimate with a member of the fairer sex. Women usually run in terror when they see him, but the credibility he’s been gaining by being a dope skater has people warming up to him. He just hopes The Man will stay off his back long enough to score.

RBX Plays BattleTanx

“To understand where we are, we need to first understand how we got here.” – Shitty Writer, Talentless Hack

Quickplay – Pokken Tournament’s Tutorial

The first thing our heroes did “GARRYYY!!!” upon booting up Pokken Tournament “GARRYYY!!!” was the lengthy tutorial. This is all extra “GARRYYY!!!” footage that was scrapped from the original “GARRYYY!!!” video, because it’s almost a half hour of tutorials. “GARRYYY!!!”