Special Events

Really super cool awesome things which we do that deserve special mention because we’re real cool guys who doesn’t afraid of anything.

Quickplay – The Punisher Arcade

Frank Whitecastle and Jeux Fury take on The Kingpin for Punisher Week. A lot of people died. It was awesome.

Punisher Week Special: The Punisher Noir

A war journal by Frank Whitecastle.

Punisher Week Finale – Archie Meets The Punisher

The Punisher Meets Archie. Some consider it a right of passage for internet reviewers. It’s old and well-worn territory, but like an aging prostitute, it still has more than it’s share of tricks.

Punisher Week – First Impressions of the Punisher

“You got somethin’ to say, say it! I’m missin’ General Hospital!”

Punisher Week – Eminem Vs. The Punisher

This comic is fucking duuuuuuumb.

Punisher Week – Space Punisher Part Four

After watching Space Hulk destroy the six most powerful beings in the entire universe, Frank’s about to get the hell out of dodge, but Hulk has a humble request first. He wants Frank to kill him.

Punisher Week – Space Punisher Part Three

So far these comics have managed to constantly top themselves in the “batshit crazy” category. Every time I think the magic is starting to wear off, I turn the page and see something screencap worthy. Will issue three be able to keep up the momentum?

Punisher Week – Space Punisher Part Two

This issue opens with a terrifying shot of The Incredible Space Hulk utterly destroying The Space Fantastic four. Also, he has four arms. This may be the most metal thing I have ever seen. Like, seriously bro.

Punisher Week – Space Punisher Part One

I’ve often joked about launching people into space to make sequels or spin-offs to tired concepts that just won’t seem to die an honorable death. Once you launch your franchise into outer space, you’re basically admitting that you’re completely out if ideas…

Punisher Week – Manga Punisher

“All this book has managed to do is reinforce my lack of faith in the anime fandom, and humanity at large. Which is totally what I needed. What’s next on the docket, huh, Mr. Castle? What else do you have to throw at me? Let’s at least make it something vaguely competent this time.”