Things for your earballs.

The Boomcast 1-02: MegaDadBod

Frank and Jeux take a look at the fallout from ComicCon.

The Rantcast 05 – Terminator Genisys

Frank and Jew decide to catch the new Terminator movie for reasons only they can fathom.

The Boomcast 1-01: When’s Scrabble?

The boys introduce a new podcast format, and talk about video game hooligans.

The Boomcast Post-E3 2015 Special

The Boomcast is back after a year off, as Frank and Jeux take a look at this year’s crop of E3 announcements and realize that they actually enjoy video games again.

The Loose Squares Show Episode 24: Ivy is Forever

Friend of the site and awesome human being Larry Love has been at this podcasting shit for longer than anyone else here. Hell, he’s been at it for longer than anyone in history. Larry invented podcasting. Larry also invented the telephone. Larry was also nice enough to dig up some of his old stuff for us to post.

Rantcast 04 – Metacast: Zombies

Frank and Larry take a look at zombie fiction, and bitch about how it’s completely played out.

The Concast Episode 7: My Body is Ready

Sorry for the late episode! Mike’s recording stopped during our normal recording session, so we had to do another recording, this time on a tighter schedule. This week, Mike, Ian, and Michel discuss a few anime genres; some they knew, and some they didn’t. While discussion is brief, it is fairly solid, and enjoyable as well. Prepare your body, because this episode has a little treat at the end.

The Concast Episode 6: Basically

In this episode, the Concast crew basically talks about the relationship between video games and anime. We also talk about what are basically some games that were adapted into anime, and anime that were basically adapted into games. Basically, the whole crew was in the same room, except for Ian, who was basically living out of a hotel for the time being. It’s basically a pretty great episode. Basically.

The Concast Episode 5: BeauBeauBeau-Beau-Beau-BeauBeau

Episode 5 is here! We recorded this episode all on 1 microphone, sitting on the same couch! We had a blast, but we unfortunately had a tendency to stray off topic. I guess that’s what happens when you get a few buddies in the same room talking about their interests. Anyways, with Toonami coming back in just a few days, we discuss our excitement, concerns, and general thoughts on the return of the programming block that introduced so many kids to anime.

The Concast Episode 4: Private Parts

Episode 4 has arrived! Michel, Beau, and Mike pick up where they left off with episode 3, and discuss a little about how DVD sales and piracy affect how anime viewers consume their shows. A new segment called The Pitch makes its debut, which Michel expertly handles, despite the segment being conceived mere minutes prior.