Things for your earballs.

4/19/16 – Big Al Says Dogs Can’t Look Up

Social media thoughts and dumpster donuts, featuring the musings of Fake Chivalry Man™.

Boomcast at the Movies – Hardcore Henry

Frank and Jew delve into the world’s first fully first-person action movie.

4/12/16 – Death Is A Fucking Bruins Fan

The Debut of “Edge Lord Cody” podcast within a podcast.

Poppin’ Asprin like skittles ova ‘ere . R.I.P. Doug Banks.

4/4/16 – I Never Said Dude Ranch Wasn’t Good

Enjoy yet another hit of the smooth sardonic wit of Larry Love, as he brings us three more tracks from the weird world of the internet.

4/1/16 – Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Right Back In

After a two year hiatus of blogging, a bite sized slice of DIY media is back with a drowsy vengeance.

Boomcast at the Movies – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Zack Snyder must be stopped.

RacerX: The 2016 Australian Grand Prix

Tire swap shenanigans, pass refusals, and Kimi playing the new Ghost Rider! Frank and Ian go over the 2016 Australian GP in the first episode of RacerX.

The Boomcast 1-10: Iori Yagami’s Dumpster of Fires

Frank and Jew discuss the latest in Bill Nye’s Yandere Terminator Martians.

The Boomcast 1-09: Chicken Rings and Dick Switches

Our heroes talk about everything from audiophile bullshit to electromechanical nut-disabling devices.

The Boomcast 1-08: This Can’t Wait a Month

Our heroes are back, as they discuss unnecessary prequels, unnecessary spinoffs, and unnecessary remakes.