Things for your earballs.

RacerX: The 2016 Australian Grand Prix

Tire swap shenanigans, pass refusals, and Kimi playing the new Ghost Rider! Frank and Ian go over the 2016 Australian GP in the first episode of RacerX.

The Boomcast 1-10: Iori Yagami’s Dumpster of Fires

Frank and Jeux discuss the latest in Bill Nye’s Yandere Terminator Martians.

The Boomcast 1-09: Chicken Rings and Dick Switches

Our heroes talk about everything from audiophile bullshit to electromechanical nut-disabling devices.

The Boomcast 1-08: This Can’t Wait a Month

Our heroes are back, as they discuss unnecessary prequels, unnecessary spinoffs, and unnecessary remakes.

The Boomcast 1-07: The Quest for Legitimacy

Frank and Jeux discuss otaku legitimacy in the pantheon of geek culture. Unsurprisingly, they aren’t too kind about it.

The Boomcast 1-06: Ass Deep Into The Future

The boys blast from the past into the Cyberpunk Max Headroom Future.

The Boomcast 1-05: Old News From 1934

Frank and Jeux battle back microphone issues, sickness, life issues, and the eternal forces of time itself in order to bring you the latest in last month’s news. Life, uh, finds a way.

The Boomcast 1-04: The Mind of a Child

The boys talk about all the new Microsoft goodies announced at Gamescom 2015.

The Boomcast 1-03: Redacted

Frank is drunk, Jeux is noodles, RAW is WAR, and Hogan is fired.

Boomcast Special: EVO 2015

Jeux and Frank attempt to talk about EVO: The largest fighting game tournament in the world and end up regretting not having their notes in front of them.