Things for your earballs.

The Boomcast 2-03: Lasagna Americans

Shitty startups and bad remakes abound, as everything old is crap again.

Boomcast at the Movies: X-Men Apocalypse

Frank and Jew are joined by TJ as they rake the latest X-Men movie over the coals.

Boomcast Special – E3 2016

The boys look over the aftermath of E3.

Episode 1 – Welcome to Smoky Mountain, Motherfucker!!

Join EdWood, The Flyin’ Jew, and Crusty Ruffles as they take a deep dive into the world of Smoky Mountain Wrestling! This week, we take a look at the very first two episodes of Smoky Mountain Wrestling television.

The Boomcast 2-02: Over the Top 2099

Our heroes are back, as they talk about how everyone is out of ideas except for Skynet.

5/3/16 – The Angry, Shiftless and Black Variety Hour (ft. Sterling)

Cheap German Beer, Individual Blackness, House Nigga DNA, Awkward encounters of self-loathing and adolescences and more on this special edition of Outskirt Noise radio.

4/27/16 – Spilling Bong Water On Your Carpet at 3am

Musings on fucked up subway instances, men who hire escorts, and as always awesome underground music.

The Boomcast 2-01: Gentrifying a Concept

The Boomcast rolls into season 2, as Frank and Jew talk about the rise of the machines, and the rise of creative bankruptcy in the movie industry.

Bonus Boomcast: Refried News

This is a podcast that was delayed in the recording stage, and then delayed again in the uploading stage. So, rather than make an outdated ep the first one of Season 2, consider this a bonus.

Boomcast at the Movies – God’s Not Dead 2

Frank drags Jew to the comedy event of the season. Remember to text your friends!