RBX Plays

Full Let’s Plays of entire games.

RBX Plays Maximum Carnage

Once upon a time Spiderman and oldest pal Venom teamed up to try and make friends with a bunch of toubled youths and a crazy man made out of living Twizzlers.

RBX Plays BattleTanx

“To understand where we are, we need to first understand how we got here.” – Shitty Writer, Talentless Hack

RBX Plays BattleTanx Global Assault

In the year 2001 a sexist plague killed all the women, so everyone got pissed and shot each other with a bunch of tanks. Griffin Spade: Edgelord valiantly attacked the remnants of the U.S. Government to rescue his Baepeg wife. Now they have a son, and he is missing. It’s time once again for everyone to shoot each other with tanks.

Escape From NY

Before leaving NY, Jew spent one final night of gaming with Eli, Jemiel, and Four Loko as a way to blow off some steam after two straight weeks of recording Resident Evil.

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 4]

The two hardest motherfuckers on the block crack some skulls and troll the haters with their sick burger jumps. They have to stop Titus from making Superman 64 Platinum Collection!

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 3]

The war against the homeless comes to a stabtacular finale.

RBX Plays Saint’s Row 2 [Episode 2]

Frank and Trent harass homeless people, and then Trent becomes a lifesaving doctor.

RBX Plays Gotcha Force [PART 2]

Frank and Ian butcher the English language, but at least they’re saving the planet while they do it.

RBX Plays Saints Row 2 [Episode 1]

Frank and Trent need to take back their turf.

RBX Plays Gotcha Force [PART 1]

Frank and Ian revisit the precious memories of an often overlooked gem of a Gamecube game.