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Retrospective – XIII

If you don’t remember this game, you may have amnesia. You may also not remember being the guy who shot the President…

Restoring Faith In The Capcom Zaibatsu: Megaman

Jew is in no mood to think of creative ways to insult the game industry, but RBX needs an update.

Top 5 Moments In Gaming: Jew’s Picks

If you click on this, be prepared to be lectured about game design by a guy who never went to college and probably has no idea what he’s talking about.

Top 5 Moments In Gaming: Frank’s Picks

It’s the end of the year, and that means that for sites like us it’s list season. However, rather than count out our top ten whatevers of this year, we have decided to take a look at our favorite gaming moments of all time.

A Brief Introduction To Hatsune Miku

Jew gives praise to his eventual robot overlords, and here’s why you should too. It’s for your own good.

The Gamecube Wasn’t That Great, Bro

It’s not that Jew dislikes the Gamecube. He’s just tired of people acting like it’s the superior sequel to an early nineties cop movie.

The Pedantic Nimrod

“Being a moron on the internet is no new thing. Hell, there were idiots on shit like Usenet and BBS before the internet existed. I’m sure the internet’s Alexander Graham Bell moment was someone sending “ur a fag” in plaintext over a Teletype machine.”


“Fucking telephone.” As usual Ben woke up with a headache, and only fragmented memories of what had happened the night before. It had been this way for a while now, ever since that fateful night. The night that his world …

Restoring faith In The Capcom Zaibatsu: The Rant

“If you haven’t heard the news yet, Capcom only has $152 million dollars in the bank as of this writing. Personally if I had that much money, I would do all of the cocaine in the world and happily die via heart explosion, much like the lifebars in Primal Rage. “

THI Classix Memoriez™ – New Games Journalism And Why It Fails

A well written article from Jew’s old website, which is about exactly what it’s title says.