Written stuff.


Frank reminisces about his favorite childhood addiction and probably gets a headache a few hours later.

RBX Preview – Gs, Issue 1: Guess Who

Frank previews what happens when Soul Calibur meets a gallon of ketchup.

Tammy Is A Better Movie Than Lucy. How The Hell Did That Happen?

Luc Besson, you betrayed me.

A Beginner’s Guide to Juggalo Culture

Norman takes us into the mystical world of the Juggalo. Are you Down With the Clown?™ (We certainly hope not.)

CANCER IS FUNNY – A Fault In Our Stars

Jew didn’t want to watch this movie. He just wanted to buy cigarettes by himself.

Seconds – A Review

The big man in hipsteresque indie comics is back on the scene. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Seconds” is a follow-up to the award winning Scott Pilgrim series. But is it truly something to be hype about?

Transformers: Age of Extinction Was AWFUL

Transformers: Age of Extinction was AWFUL, but I’m not telling you anything that you probably didn’t already know.

Tekken 5 Kinda Sucks

Uneducated rambling, or clever troll attempt? YOU DECIDE!

Price Checks and Penny Glue Bitches

We could say that this article is about a cybernetic, mustard loving ninja who fights dragons, but that would be a boldfaced lie.

Soul Calibur II As Reviewed By Heihachi Mishima

A senile old man’s opinion on a tale of souls and swords.